You can buy aquamarine gemstones from Dazzling Jewellers in Knysna, WC, South Africa. We sell:

  • Natural aquamarines: Mined from earth or collected from water sources
  • Lab-grown/Synthetic aquamarines: Gemstones grown in a laboratory (have the same or comparable properties as it’s earth-mined counterpart)
  • Simulants: Gemstones that look like earth-mined gemstones but are not. These can be glass, plastic resin ect. We only trade in hardwearing, lab-created Cubic Zirconia simulants ideal for the jewellery trade, no other alternatives

We trade in

  • Industry standard gemstones. Gemstones cut to industry standard shapes and measurements). When you buy industry standard gemstones from us, it is gemstones with the correct industry standard, shape, cut, size and measurements that can fit into industry standard setting sizes. Great for all jewellery types, including mass produced items
  • Select gemstones. Gemstones individually sourced, cut, and polished. Industry standard sizes and cuts are just a guideline. Ideal for unique, once-off hand-made jewellery pieces

What is Aquamarine?

  • Aquamarine is pale blue to light green variety of Beryl
  • with a Mohs hardness of 7.5-8
  • Birthstone: March
  • Anniversary: 19th year
  • For more general or technical information on this beautiful gem, visit Wikipedia: Aquamarine

Aquamarine Industry Standard cuts available from Dazzling Jewellers

  • Round: 1,00mm 1,25mm 1,50mm 1,75mm 2,00mm 2,25mm 2,50mm 2,75mm 3,00mm 3,25mm 3,50mm 3,75mm 4,00mm 4,25mm 4,50mm 4,75mm 5,00mm 5,25mm 5,50mm 5,75mm 6,00mm 6,50mm 7,00mm 7,50mm 8,00mm 8,50mm 9,00mm 9,50mm 10,00mm 12,00mm 14,00mm
  • Oval: 4x3mm 5x3mm 5x4mm 6x4mm 7x5mm 8x6mm 9x7mm 10x8mm 11x9mm 12x10mm 14x10mm 14x12mm 16x12mm 18x13mm
  • Octagon: 5x3mm 6x4mm 7x5mm 8x6mm 9x7mm 10x8mm 11x9mm 12x10mm 14x10mm 14x12mm 16x12mm
  • Pear: 4x3mm 5x3mm 6x4mm 7x5mm 8x5mm 8x6mm 9x6mm 9x7mm 10x7mm 12x8mm 13x9mm 14,10mm 18x13mm
  • Heart: 5x5mm 6x6mm 7x7mm 8x8mm 9x9mm 10x10mm 12x12mm
  • Trillion: 4x4mm 5x5mm 6x6mm 7x7mm 8x8mm 9x9mm 10x10mm 12x12mm
  • Marquise: 4x2mm 5×2.5mm 6x3mm 7×3.5mm 8x4mm 9×4.5mm 10x5mm 12x6mm 14x7mm 15×7.5mm
  • Baguette: 3x2mm 4x2mm 5×2.5mm 5x3mm 6x3mm 8x4mm 8x5mm 10x5mm
  • Square/princess cut: 2x2mm 2.5×2.5mm 3x3mm 3.5×3.5mm 4x4mm 4.5×4.5mm 5x5mm 6x6mm 7x7mm 8x8mm 9x9mm 10x10mm 11x11mm 12x12mm
  • Rectangular: 5x3mm 6x4mm 7x5mm mm 8x6mm
  • Cushion: 4x4mm 5x5mm 6x6mm 7x7mm 8x6mm 8x8mm 9x9mm 10x10mm

“X”Readily available “-” Not readily available

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We have loose gemstones available with a mountain of choices accessible from our suppliers.

We source and import some of our own stock and we also deal with various trusted importers and suppliers locally for industry standard shapes, cuts and colours. We also offer gemstone polishing and scratch removal on precious gemstones in partnership with various gemstone laboratories and private cutters and polishers depending on your individual needs and particular gemstone that needs to be worked on. Laboratory certified precious gemstones and diamond and coloured gemstone grading services and are also available