Quote: 18ct White Gold Tanzanite Ring C29353-18-T5MM

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This item is available as a

  • Mass-produced-off-the-shelf item or a
  • Hand-made, once-off ring

Mass-produced options

As a mass produced item from our partnering suppliers, this item is available for purchase in 18ct White Gold only, and is preset with Tanzanites in approx sizes 3mm(0.10ct), 4mm(0.30ct), 4.50mm(0.40ct), 5mm(0.50ct), 6mm(0.80ct), 6.50mm(1.00ct), 7.5mm(1.50ct) and 8mm(2.00ct), and available in most finger size

Hand-made, once-off ring

As a custom hand made ring, manufactured by us, this is available in 925 sterling silver, 9ct- and 18ct-, white-, yellow-, and rose gold with the options of using new alloys or taking in your old alloys, and remodelling it to a perfect custom-fit for your hand in this style, or any other style for that matter. Tanzanites are available in all industry standard shapes and cuts in natural earth-mined and synthetic lab-created gemstones. You have many options available to suite your style and budget…